0037258318686 Received SMS from FAIRTIQ

FAIRTIQ We could successfully process your open FAIRTIQ bills - thank you.
05:16:46 2023-06-11
FAIRTIQ Your invoice for FAIRTIQ could not be charged. Please update your means of payment or contact us (Do not reply - contact us via app).
05:17:03 2023-06-02
08:02:02 2023-06-01
08:01:59 2023-06-01
FAIRTIQ You have been blocked from the FAIRTIQ service because we were not able to process your payment. Check your means of payment (Do not reply- contact us via app).
06:17:33 2023-06-01
FAIRTIQ 3912 is your authentication code for FAIRTIQ.
15:46:40 2023-05-30
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