Hi Rizal! We couldn\'t reach you or drop your meal @ reception/guard for delivery today. Do send an email to care@dahmakan.com or chat with us for more info.
2019-10-18 15:09:37
dahmakan: No time? Let us brave the weather to bring good food straight to you. Order whenever and wherever you are at dahmakan.app.link/trynow
2019-10-18 04:05:36
Rizal , we\'ve added RM 5 more in your dahmakan account. Go ahead & order your next meal!. 7 day validity - Order now: bit.ly/2XghAqc
2019-10-17 07:31:36
Dahmakan: Hello there, you\'re eligible for RM 10 cashback. Min. order RM 30. No promo code required. Order within 30 minutes http://bit.ly/2S3UexU
2019-10-17 03:08:55
dahmakan PIN: 3619.
2019-10-17 01:34:36

dahmakan: Use the code SAVETIME to get RM6 off your first order with us! Order now to save time at dahmakan.app.link/trynow
2019-10-11 04:04:30
It\'s a tentastic day today with all dahmakan promo meals at flat RM10. Get extra 25% off on your 1st order. Use code NEW25 - Order now @ bit.ly/2KWjUvR
2019-10-10 05:05:48
Welcome to dahmakan! Get ready to make your life easier by letting us worry about your meals for you. Check our menu at dahmakan.app.link/trynow
2019-10-09 04:06:15
Hi, dishes in your cart need you. You\'re eligible for RM 3 cashback if you complete your dahmakan order within 30 minutes - https://bit.ly/2XHuqh7
2019-10-08 09:33:44
dahmakan PIN: 2052.
2019-10-08 09:20:40
RM 5 as a gift from us in your dahmakan account. Because it\'s Raya season. Use them until Sunday evening :) http://bit.ly/rm5gift
2019-06-27 02:02:11
dahmakan PIN: 3492.
2019-05-16 09:04:25
dahmakan PIN: 3492.
2019-05-16 09:03:10
dahmakan: Sorry Marcus! There is a delay in delivery today due to heavy rain, we\'ll be there soon as we can. You can chat with us for more info.
2018-07-24 02:16:10
dahmakan: Dear Marcus, our delivery is experiencing heavy rain. Our rider is slowly coming to you but might be 30-45 mins delayed after your timeslot. We are do
2018-07-24 02:16:07
dahmakan: Hey Marcus, your rider FT Hisyam DMS has arrived! He will wait for 5 minutes at your location. Please make sure he can contact you to avoid delays.
2018-07-24 02:16:04
Hi Marcus! We were unable to contact you for your dahmakan delivery. Do call us back on 0374992697 by 1:45 PM or we\'ll go ahead and cancel your order for today
2018-07-24 02:16:01
dahmakan: Hey Marcus, your order has been delivered at 02:28 PM. Enjoy your food!
2018-07-24 02:15:59

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